What to wear

I've put together this little blog to help clients when they are trying to decide on what to wear for a photoshoot.

Generally, I recommend that:

  • Big logos should be avoided, unless you are promoting a brand.

  • If you plan on wearing fancy shoes, bring something that is more comfy and easy to walk in. I usually have a band-aid or two on me, but no one wants to get blisters!

  • PLEASE, no baseball caps (especially ones with logos).

  • Sunglasses should not be worn. If you have glasses that tint in the sunlight, I will probably ask you to take them off for your photos.

  • If there are multiple people in your photoshoot, choose colours from the same colour palette (for example, pastels, different shades of the same colour), or mix and match a colour or two with a pattern.

  • Ladies, I usually ask you to put any hair elastics you have around your wrist into your pockets, but I will occasionally not see one until I am editing your photos after.

  • Unless you want to look like your family photo was taken circa the 90s, you might want to avoid everyone in the photoshoot wearing the same outfit (remember when everyone wore all denim for their family photos? Or when everyone wore white t-shirts and the same wash of denim?).

I encourage clients to bring a second outfit to change into if there is time, and to bring accessories that can easily be taken off to change the look.

But most importantly, wear something you are comfortable in, and that YOU FEEL YOU in!

Below are some past clients who absolutely KILLED. IT. when it came to their outfits.

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